210 Web Design Templates

210 Web Design Templates

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How to Control Your Website FeaturesFeatured

In order to be able to control your website, you need to have what is called a control panel. You do not need to look for it on your own, because it is offered to you when you get your website hosted with one of the web hosting companies. There are many panels that differ in their ease of use; some of them are called advanced panels because of the number of features that they have, while the others are not updated to stay with the same old version with its features. You have to bear in mind when you look for a web hosting company that the version of the control panel is very important as the updated control panel allows you to perform different tasks that cannot be done through old versions and it also comes to be more advanced.

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Magento Ecommerce Website Development

Nearly 200,000 on-line retailers use the Magento ecommerce web application and its growing popularity means that these numbers are only going up. Magento is an open source ecommerce web application that is used by a range of businesses, from small retail outfits to large corporations all over the world. The biggest plus points that users find in Magento are its unique and feature-rich nature which gives it the flexibility and dynamics to make your website zoom to the top of the search engine charts.

Magento is famous for its emphasis on design, user-experience, customization features, integration abilities and most importantly, the use of blocks of data/content/images that can be uploaded directly via the layout. As Magento’s popularity grows, websites that use this platform continue to win design awards at the most prestigious venues all over the world. If your web designer suggests Magento, you should welcome it with open arms because it is the way of the future!

Using Magento for your ecommerce website gives you:


  • Affordable and fast deployment
  • Swift training of your staff and implementation of the platform
  • Well-structured user-levels and account management
  • Easy integration across many third party sites like payment gateways and shipping services
  • Many built-in features like SEO, international currencies, currency converters, buyer-friendly features like wishlists, reviews and ratings
  • Multiple store facility
  • Constant innovation


A good website designing company that uses Magento should also give you customized packages for your business needs, or it may offer its own packages which incorporate different features and facilities. You can select the most appropriate one according to your requirements. Typical packages include:


  • Varying number of products ranging from as low as 50 to 1500+
  • Plenty of design and logo options – this is possible because Magento works on open source where innovation and technical expertise are shared across the globe SEO
  • Specified number of website pages – you can add or reduce these as you like
  • Newsletters
  • Compatibility across other browsers
  • Specified period of support


Magento ecommerce website development is also enriched by the experience and expertise of thousands of designers and users who share their skills and opinions across the globe. This ensures that your website can be modified or tweaked whenever necessary without complicated procedures and time delays. It also means that you get access to help with fixing bugs speedily and efficiently. Support is also available across geographies and languages.

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Web Designer Tips: Essential Elements For Web Design For 2013

An effective website design must be simple, have the capability to retain online clients and also make them return regularly. For your business website design to be contemporary and efficient, follow these tips:

Select suitable typography options

Select typography options that coordinate with your website’s theme. 2013 is predicted to be a year of excellent typography with numerous lovely fonts that will replace useless images. Choose the latest fonts that create a pleasing effect, following typography rules for website design that have been declared successful during recent years. Conforming to these rules while designing your website will definitely bring encouraging results. The effectiveness of your online marketing strategy will be influenced by your choices in typography.

Adopt latest web design trends

With the technology evolving continually, marketing strategies also keep changing. You need to be on the lookout for the latest web design industry trend during 2013. Logo designers and web designers must also educate themselves about the most recent advancements in web designing such as responsive web design. Numerous books and online resources are available for information about this subject. A website has to be optimised to function efficiently on various types of devices, such as netbook, desktop computer, smart phone or a tablet.

Web design options

You can review some of the excellent themes options provided by WordPress. Pay special attention to recent additions to design your site in accordance with the trends in 2013. Optimise it according to the profiles of your customer profiles to generate a good response in the minimum time. Remember to choose vertical scrolling over horizontal scrolling, as people generally find it inconvenient to scroll horizontally while reading online content. This tip is particularly significant if you are designing a mobile site.

User-friendly interface

Another important tip for 2013 is to design your business website with a user-friendly interface, especially for mobile users. A mobile interface is different from a usual one as it contains icons and buttons that are clearly visible even when the user does not zoom in. Research shows that online visitors to not spend more than a few seconds in trying to figure out a new site. If your site is too complicated for the first time user, this will become the biggest hurdle in increasing online customers.

Graphic design elements

Graphic designers creating logos for online businesses during 2013 must also remember that they need to design unique logos that stand out among others to add a professional effect to the website.

These are only few of the leading trends that have been identified by web design experts for 2013. If you want all these elements integrated within your website, contact an agency that provides services for marketing and web-designing for the effective and quick growth of your business.


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